World of the damned

A recent sudden passing of an old friend, a NatGeo Live talk by underwater photographer, David Doubilet, and what I saw on my last trip to Lombok got me thinking about whether the world IS indeed really damed to ruination very quickly now. So on the last trip to Lombok in early August, it was […]

Track the miracles

  So I realised how important it is for me to document this journey and it’s up and downs that have helped me to grow so much thus far. I went to a seminar recently where the speaker shared about the good in problems because they lead to solutions in business. To take it a […]

Giving Up Is Always The Easier Option

While trying to keep spirits up and rationalizing a problem that just popped up this morning, I had a sudden meltdown, so sudden that I actually shocked myself too when it happened. I guess there was a disconnect between the head and the heart for me for that moment in time as I broke down […]

movie – Menstrual Man and social enterprise inspirations

Thanks to a very dear couple friend of mine, Vik and Steph, the boy and I got to catch a very inspiring film, Menstrual Man, over the weekend at the Arts House. It tells the tale of the man behind the simple, cheap and easy to use machines to make sanitary napkins for rural women […]

Kent Ridge native and the Black Mountains (South Dakota)

Kent Ridge native and the Black Mountains (South Dakota) I have always wanted to go South Dakota to check out the carved heads in Mount Rushmore. After watching this video, I learnt so much more about a history of America I never knew about and I think I don’t want to see the rocks anymore, […]

Idealism and action

I have always wondered about the cynics in life, the ones who probably once dreamt and allowed their intellect to get in the way of changing the world for good. So I had a very fulfilling and soulful lunch meet up with a dear old friend who is currently an academic in the beloved field […]