Bukit Brown and a nation’s unwritten history

Having been a history teacher for 6 years before, I must admit that I was truly humbled by how little I know about Singapore’s history, through our Bukit Brown tour today. Cuifen lovingly organised a walking tour for her friends and friends of friends on a beautiful Sunday morning and although only Wilson and I […]

Camera traps setting and love MacRitchie, petitioning against LTA’s Cross Island Line

In my recent interactions and engagements with the NUS volunteer group, Toddycats, at the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity and Research, and (the highly passionate, hugely humorous and amazingly boisterous and vocal) Mr Sivasothi, I had the chance to assist in a camera traps setting survey with the Singapore Nature Society in the heart of MacRitchie […]

Local performing artistes and love for the nation

So I went for a Passion Unleashed talk at SMU with the dear Ly on a Tuesday night, with a little apprehension, I must admit but still bearing an open heart, I’d like to believe. The constant refrain of do something unconventional and follow your passions from the organizers of the talks irked, yet, when […]

Love and loving Singapore

So it’s the time of the year again, for me at least, to reflect on what being a Singaporean entails. The time when I actually do want to watch the National Day parade on TV; the yearning that comes with years of age. When I would stand at attention before the TV screen despite the […]