World of the damned

A recent sudden passing of an old friend, a NatGeo Live talk by underwater photographer, David Doubilet, and what I saw on my last trip to Lombok got me thinking about whether the world IS indeed really damed to ruination very quickly now. So on the last trip to Lombok in early August, it was […]

Lessons from Ash and the magic that comes with them

On the boy’s nudging, I took a trip to Bangkok in order to catch my favouritest band ever perfoming at Sonic Bang, Ash. The one band whose every album I have owned since I was 14 to date. Sometimes when you love something long enough, the whole idea of biding one’s time suddenly makes a […]

Bukit Brown and a nation’s unwritten history

Having been a history teacher for 6 years before, I must admit that I was truly humbled by how little I know about Singapore’s history, through our Bukit Brown tour today. Cuifen lovingly organised a walking tour for her friends and friends of friends on a beautiful Sunday morning and although only Wilson and I […]

JFF – See You Tomorrow, Everyone

So it was time for my annual ritual of catching the Japanese Film Festival since returning to Singapore from the JET program despite the fact that this year’s selects seemed a little lackluster and fell short on appeal to me with the many retrospective and 80s pieces. I think I made a wise choice for […]

On nostalgia, Tiong Bahru and getting older

I know hitting my thirties is hardly even considered getting older, but after traipsing through Tiong Bahru area with the boy today, it hit me now, what it meant then, when older folks lament of how things change, while we were younger and impatient and thought change necessary for greater things to happen in our […]