What IS an entrepreneur?

I like to be open minded and see the best in everyone I meet first always but a spate of meetings with people at networking events claiming to be entrepreneurs in the guise of MLM marketing has worn me down a fair bit now as I start to see the world through slightly tainted glasses […]

The Dorsal Effect goes live! – first boat tour 4th Sept 2013

It is truly a milestone getting one first boat tour going for The Dorsal Effect indeed. Feeling like we have been in the woods most parts of this year, to be able to take my first group of tourists out on the proposed boat trip really felt like a mixture of a dream come true […]


The past few days after coming back from Lombok saw me swathed in bouts of interviews from various sources. I don’t know how they came to know about The Dorsal Effect but I am thankful for the interest and shout out by them nonetheless. I can only hope all this is not too premature and […]

Be a Superhero

Be a Superhero Remember what it was like to jump out of bed on those Saturday mornings and rush to turn on the television to get another dose episode of Superman, Batman or in my case Wonder Woman?* We loved these characters because they inspired us to change the world, do the right thing, and […]

How to Get a Job in Marine Science and Conservation

How to Get a Job in Marine Science and Conservation Zoox – The story of zero to hero, a ZEP alumni has recently secured a great job and wants to tell you how. Our Programmes Officer Sam also gives you some personal advice about her story over the last year since embarking on the ZEP.