On looking for signs and veganism

Filled with a lot of self doubt and insecure feelings of being incapable as the weakest link among the Sharksavers core team of volunteers (a stellar and talented bunch with a common love for sharks, no doubt, albeit a bit too task oriented at times), coupled with uncertainties at times about how to progress with […]

When the Internet was for Strangers

When the Internet was for Strangers “If you look to online communities outside of Facebook, strangers are forging real and complex friendships, despite the complaints of op-ed writers. … Unlike the almost gothic obsession of Catfish’s online lovers, these friendships aren’t exclusively online—we meet up sometimes to talk about the Internet in real life. They are […]

Kenya volunteering week 2

It has been eye opening being out here in rural Ngong of Kenya where I am awakened by the birds chirping at exactly 6am every morning, the dogs bark at hyenas through the night, I see a cute little newborn lamb following its mother sheep everywhere and how the mother protects it dearly and I […]

Kenya week 1

As the first week in Kenya winds down, I am left with much mixed feelings and questions to self. The week hasn’t exactly gone by easy, nor was it extremely grueling in any sense. There were highlights and uplifting moments, as there were low points as well but more importantly, I find myself wondering what […]

Year end stock taking

So I find myself back in the Chapel of the Resurrection today on Christmas despite a long hiatus and much deliberations about finding another church to worship yet. Yes, I am all about letting go and the power of change for better but I guess at the end of the day, I am still a creature of […]

Riding on Gossamer wings

A hiatus from gigs left a vacuum that allowed a rush of blood and adrenaline to the body when airlifted back to gig habitat again at Passionpit last night. Can we ever get enough of Michael Angelako’s flailing dance arms or Shuttle’s amazing drum beats? fraid not. An hour and a half’s worth of amazing, […]

Everyone has a story

One of the many joys of being in this profession usually come in unexpected moments. As an oral examiner for the national exams, I get to hear the most interesting sharings from the students sometimes. The wonders of youth that never fails to amaze me, and hence the love for the job. 🙂 Gotta love […]

Hello world!

So Multiply is closing down their sharing function on the website and I felt a little bit of me die as I heard the news but I guess I have to move on, like for most other things in life too and I do love blogging, even if I do it a little too honestly […]