School Trip to Lombok


5 day Environmental service learning overseas school trip to Lombok

Let us take you on a exploratory journey of the shark trade and conservation efforts, through the eyes of Lombok. We will take you to the fish market where sharks are landed, interview ex shark fishermen to learn more about their lives before and after shark hunting, take you snorkelling to get closer to the oceans and learn about doing coral health checks and speak with local NGOs on their efforts in slowing the shark trade. We will also engage in nightly lectures and discussions to delve deeper into the complexities surrounding ocean conservation.

2015 SST Lombok-3453

School Trip With The Dorsal Effect

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Since I studied environmental studies, I do know of complexities of conservation efforts but it is only from this trip, looking at the scale of shark hunting, looking at the locals that allowed me to gain insights by having the first hand experience of seeing the possible conflicts between the different stakeholders of different interests.
Student from NUS
Client, 2016
I enjoyed the snorkelling part the most. This is the first time I dive into the ocean, the views I saw under the sea were really beautiful. I am glad I have a chance to learn more deeper about the ocean, it helps me learn the importance of protecting the ocean.
Student from ISS school
Client, 2017
The exposure that you had given the SST students through these trips has indeed been amazing and an eye-opener. The students certainly benefitted from the programme and have lots of stories to share with their peers and family members.
Teacher at School of Science and Technology
Client, 2016

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