Giving Up Is Always The Easier Option

While trying to keep spirits up and rationalizing a problem that just popped up this morning, I had a sudden meltdown, so sudden that I actually shocked myself too when it happened. I guess there was a disconnect between the head and the heart for me for that moment in time as I broke down […]

The Chaos Asia

I had the honour and privilege of being invited to speak at The Chaos Asia at Neverland II with Dixii and had the most amazing and humbling experience meeting lots of interesting people and learning a lot about giving an impactful pitch. When I have been only a teacher most parts of my life, I […]


The past few days after coming back from Lombok saw me swathed in bouts of interviews from various sources. I don’t know how they came to know about The Dorsal Effect but I am thankful for the interest and shout out by them nonetheless. I can only hope all this is not too premature and […]