Track the miracles

  So I realised how important it is for me to document this journey and it’s up and downs that have helped me to grow so much thus far. I went to a seminar recently where the speaker shared about the good in problems because they lead to solutions in business. To take it a […]

The Chaos Asia

I had the honour and privilege of being invited to speak at The Chaos Asia at Neverland II with Dixii and had the most amazing and humbling experience meeting lots of interesting people and learning a lot about giving an impactful pitch. When I have been only a teacher most parts of my life, I […]

Be a Superhero

Be a Superhero Remember what it was like to jump out of bed on those Saturday mornings and rush to turn on the television to get another dose episode of Superman, Batman or in my case Wonder Woman?* We loved these characters because they inspired us to change the world, do the right thing, and […]