World War Z

After a whirlwind week of organizing, packing and delivering The Dorsal Effect t-shirt orders and planning for the September trip to Lombok with a group, I figured I really needed a proper date night with the boy and thank goodness to GV for little perks like discounts on movie tickets with DBS cards. In a […]

Ruby Sparks and the Pygmalion Effect

So I accidentally caught Johnathon Dayton’s Ruby Sparks for love of Little Miss Sunshine, perhaps yet again falsely projecting my expectations of awe from a prior work unto this little piece. Yes, perhaps I was expecting more from this movie but then again, quirky stars and co-stars of the movies Zoe Kazan and Paul Dano […]

Love and loving Singapore

So it’s the time of the year again, for me at least, to reflect on what being a Singaporean entails. The time when I actually do want to watch the National Day parade on TV; the yearning that comes with years of age. When I would stand at attention before the TV screen despite the […]