Swimming upstream

Our fifth ever boat excursion the day before did not start off very well at all, we walked around the fish market and I saw a horrific number of sharks caught this morning. A row of about 20 juvenile ones and about 6 full grown, 2 of which were looked like the Great hammerheads… I […]

Hanging tough and keeping it real

So the first few days of being back in Lombok for a longer term this time to try and take off the business from Lombok itself hasn’t exactly been the easiest, though I have to admit I am still growing and learning and meeting the most amazing people. The odds just stack up sometimes and […]

Local performing artistes and love for the nation

So I went for a Passion Unleashed talk at SMU with the dear Ly on a Tuesday night, with a little apprehension, I must admit but still bearing an open heart, I’d like to believe. The constant refrain of do something unconventional and follow your passions from the organizers of the talks irked, yet, when […]