Track the miracles

  So I realised how important it is for me to document this journey and it’s up and downs that have helped me to grow so much thus far. I went to a seminar recently where the speaker shared about the good in problems because they lead to solutions in business. To take it a […]

Hanging tough and keeping it real

So the first few days of being back in Lombok for a longer term this time to try and take off the business from Lombok itself hasn’t exactly been the easiest, though I have to admit I am still growing and learning and meeting the most amazing people. The odds just stack up sometimes and […]

SIF Young Social Entrepreneurs Programme 2013

I went for a 3 day workshop as part of Singapore International Foundation’s Social Entrepreneurship Programme (4th year running now) I had scrambled to get The Dorsal effect registered in, just before leaving for Kenya last year. It was an intensive 3 days indeed which much learning and immediate application and more inspiring moments along […]